Miscellaneous Class

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is an adorable, small breed of dog known for its long, glossy coat and loving personality.

Portuguese Podengo

Portuguese Podengo History The Portuguese Podengo is a type of gundog that originates in Portugal. The Portuguese Podenco is also known as the Portuguese Hound,… Read More »Portuguese Podengo


Norrbottenspets History The Norrbottenspets is a Swedish herding dog that was created in the 1930s. The Norrbottenspets is a medium-sized working farm dog. The Norrbottenspets… Read More »Norrbottenspets

Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler History The Lancashire Heeler is a medium-sized, short-coated, active working terrier, developed from the now extinct Border Collie and the now rare Old… Read More »Lancashire Heeler

Kai Ken

Kai Ken History The Kai Ken is a muscular, medium-sized American type of terrier. The Kai Ken is an energetic, agile, and fearless little fighter.… Read More »Kai Ken

Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd History The Dutch Sheepdog is a breed of herding and guard dog from the Netherlands. It originates from the now-extinct Schipperke and the… Read More »Dutch Shepherd