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Boxita History

The Boxita is a medium-sized, medium-haired, long-legged, square-headed, short-coupled, squarely built, low-set, cobby, active, hardy, cheerful, intelligent, sensitive, obedient, loyal, playful, little, quiet and merry Spanish Pointer / English Setter / Beagle / Greyhound mix. The Boxita is a mixed-breed dog, or mutt. Like other mutts, the Boxita is the result of several different purebred dogs being crossed together in order to create a new, unique animal. There is no specific breed of pet that is known as the “Boxita”. In order to qualify as a “Boxita”, a dog must simply be the result of breeding several purebred bloodlines.

Time of Origin


Country of Origin

United States Of America


Akita Inu, Boxer

Boxita Physical Characteristics

The Boxita is a small, medium-to-large, long-haired, teddy bear-type dog. They stand between 13 and 18 inches at the shoulders and weigh between 30 and 50 pounds. They have a soft, thick, wooly, water-resistant outer coat of fur and a dense, warm, undercoat. They have bushy eyebrows, large, soft, round, dark eyes, and a curly tail. The ears are erect, pointed, and furry. They have a thick, heavy-set head. The Boxita has a long nose, small, slender feet, and straight legs. They have unusually loose skin. The breed has a boxy, square-shaped body and short, stubby legs and a flattened, muscular, solid build.

Eye Colors


Nose Colors


Coat Colors


Height Range

Male Height Range: 25 – 27 inches

Female Height Range: 23 – 25 inches

Weight Range

Male Weight Range: 85 – 110 lbs

Female Weight Range: 65 – 95 lbs

Boxita Health

Description of breed health.


10-14 yrs

Boxita Health Concerns

Entropion, Ectropion, Cardiomyopathy, Hip Dysplasia, Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis, Degenerative Myelopathy, Corneal Dystrophy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cataracts, Atopic Dermatitis

Boxita Temperament and Behaviour

The Boxita has a naturally high prey drive, which can make it challenging for owners. They are smart and stubborn, but love to please their owners. They can be independent and dominant, but are also very loving and loyal to their families. They are easy to train, but need a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

Boxita Activity Requirements

Boxitas are a fairly new crossbreed that is a mix of the Boxer and Chihuahua. They are small, compact, and muscular, making them a tough pet. They have tons of energy, and can play for hours without getting tired. While their small size makes them ideal for apartment living, a Boxita will need regular exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. A daily walk or a game of fetch is a great way for your Boxita to get some exercise and burn off excess energy. If your Boxita doesn’t get enough activity, they can become frustrated or bored. They are smart, playful, and energetic, but they won’t do well if they’re cooped up inside the house. Make sure your Boxita has plenty of opportunities for play and exercise.

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Kennel Club Recognition

American Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Boxita is part of the Unclassified group.

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The Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Boxita is part of the Unclassified group.

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Australian National Kennel Council

Not Recognized

Boxita is part of the Unclassified group.

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Canadian Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Boxita is part of the Unclassified group.

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