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Bull Terrier History

The Bull Terrier originally developed in the United Kingdom in the mid 1800s. The origin of the name “Bull Terrier” is somewhat of a mystery. One theory is that it is derived from the term “bull baiter”, referring to people who used to fight bull terriers in pit fights. Another possibility is that it was derived from the Irish word “bally-tear”, meaning “blue coat”. In any case, the Bulldog was a popular fighting dog, especially among the poorer classes. The origin of the modern Bull Terrier most likely began with crosses between the English White English Bulldog and the English White Pit Bull Terrier. In 1875, a professional fight promoter named John Craddock began breeding the dogs with heavier, more athletic bodies, and shorter faces. The modern-day version of the Bull Terrier is believed to have resulted from this breeding program.

Time of Origin


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Bulldog, English White Terrier

Bull Terrier Physical Characteristics

The Bull Terrier is a small, medium-to-large sized breed of terrier that is typically between 14 and 21 inches in height and 30 and 55 pounds in weight. The Bull Terrier has a flat, broad head that tapers to a blunt muzzle, a square shape, and a docked tail. They have a thick, short, muscular neck, a moderately deep chest, and heavily boned legs. Their coat is short and smooth and comes in white with black markings, brindle, red, fawn, or combinations of these. The Bull Terrier is affectionate and fearless and makes a good guard dog.

Eye Colors


Nose Colors


Coat Colors


Height Range

Male Height Range: 21 – 22 inches

Female Height Range: 21 – 22 inches

Weight Range

Male Weight Range: 60 – 70 lbs

Female Weight Range: 50 – 60 lbs

Bull Terrier Health

Description of breed health.


10-12 yrs

Bull Terrier Health Concerns

Deafness (Whites), Kidney Problems, Mitral Valve Disease, Lethal Acrodermatitis, Entropion, Ectropion, Demodectic Mange, Eye Disease, Laryngeal Paralysis

Bull Terrier Temperament and Behaviour

The Bull Terrier is a confident, fearless, and courageous breed of dog. They are playful and energetic, but are also very loving and loyal to their owners. They are a very social breed, and usually get along with other animals and children. They are intelligent and can learn quickly, but they need to be trained early.

Bull Terrier Activity Requirements

Bull Terriers are small, compact, and muscular. While they were once used to hunt small game, today they are primarily a companion animal. While they are not as high-energy as some breeds, Bull Terriers do still require regular exercise. They are best suited to families who enjoy the outdoors. A daily walk or jog is a great way for Bull Terriers to stay active. A bored or lonely dog can quickly become destructive. If you are adopting a Bull Terrier, be sure to provide him with plenty of opportunities to burn off energy. A crate or other safe space where they can rest and relax is also important.

Miles Per Day


Activity Per Day


Daily Food

2.5 cups

Kennel Club Recognition

American Kennel Club

Recognized by the American Kennel Club

Bull Terrier is part of the Terrier group.

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The Kennel Club

Recognized by The Kennel Club

Bull Terrier is part of the Terrier group.

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Australian National Kennel Council

Recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council

Bull Terrier is part of the Terrier group.

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Canadian Kennel Club

Recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club

Bull Terrier is part of the Terrier group.

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