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Coton de Tulear History

The Coton de Tulear is a breed of small, sweet, hypoallergenic, toy Spaniel. The name is French for “cotton from Tuléar”, a French island off the coast of Madagascar. The origin of the name is uncertain. The Coton is descended from the Malagasy “Malagasy small Dogs”, the ancestor of the Havanese. The Malgache dogs are believed to have been bred from a combination of local dogs and the dogs brought by the Portuguese to the islands of the Indian Ocean. The Coton was originally called the “Malagasy Silky Terrier”, but the name was changed to the “Coton de Tulear”, the “Cotton of Tulear”, or the “Tuléan Cotton” after the island from which it originated. The Coton is descended primarily from the “Malagasy Small Dogs”, which were first imported into France in the 18th century. The “Malagasy Small Dogs” are believed to be a combination of the native dogs and their Portuguese neighbours’ dogs. The “Malagasy Small Dogs” were imported to Europe in 1793, and were crossed with the Pug, English Toy Spaniel, and English Toy Spaniel to produce the first “Malagasie” or “Malaguene”. These early dogs were prized for their long silky coats and were known by a variety of names, including the “Malaguena,” the “Coupe d’Amour”, and the “Miniature

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Coton de Tulear Physical Characteristics

The Coton de Tulear is a medium-size breed of domestic cat. The breed is known for its long, curly, cotton-like fur, which is white, cream, biscuit, or apricot in color. The ears are small, similar to the shape of a button. The coloration of the nose and paw pads is variable. The head is wedge-shaped, and the ears are semi-erect, with a rounded appearance. The tail is long, thick, and tapering, and can be straight or slightly curved. The skin of the face is delicate and thin. The hair may be straight, or may be wavy or curly, especially around the neck and ears. The feet are large and round, with rounded, wide toes. The hind legs are slightly longer and stronger than the front legs, and the neck is longer, thicker, and heavier than the head.

Eye Colors


Nose Colors


Coat Colors


Height Range

Male Height Range: 10 – 12 inches

Female Height Range: 8 – 11 inches

Weight Range

Male Weight Range: 9 – 13 lbs

Female Weight Range: 8 – 11 lbs

Coton de Tulear Health

Description of breed health.


14-16 yrs

Coton de Tulear Health Concerns

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Allergies

Coton de Tulear Temperament and Behaviour

The Coton de Tulear is a playful, gentle, and sweet-natured small companion dog. They are loving and devoted to their owner and are known to be extremely attached to them. They get along well with children and other pets, but may be somewhat wary of strangers. When excited, the Coton may jump and spin.

Coton de Tulear Activity Requirements

The Coton de Tulear is a small, furry dog that originated in Madagascar. Originally, they were bred to be companion animals. They are still very attached to their owners and are quite sweet, although they are not very active. The Coton is well suited for apartment living because they don’t require much space. However, they do like spending as much time as possible with their people, so they do best in homes where they can be with their humans as much as possible. The Coton is best suited to families who can spend a lot of time with their pup. They do not need much exercise, but they do need lots of interaction. If you are looking for a happy, smart, small dog, the Coton may be the right fit.

Miles Per Day

6 miles

Activity Per Day

30 minutes

Daily Food

0.7 cups

Kennel Club Recognition

American Kennel Club

Recognized by the American Kennel Club

Coton de Tulear is part of the Non-Sporting group.

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The Kennel Club

Recognized by The Kennel Club

Coton de Tulear is part of the Toy group.

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Australian National Kennel Council

Recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council

Coton de Tulear is part of the Toy group.

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Canadian Kennel Club

Recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club

Coton de Tulear is part of the Toy group.

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