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Drentsche Patrijshond History

The Drentsche Patrijshond (Drentish Patriot or Dutch Patriot) is a breed of small, long-haired, scenthound of the spitz type originating in the Netherlands. The origins of the breed are uncertain, but it is known to have descended from the now-extinct Wolfspitz, probably via crosses with various terriers and hounds. In the 17th century they were used for hunting deer, hare, and rabbit; in modern times they are used mainly for tracking.

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Drentsche Patrijshond Physical Characteristics

The Drentsche Patrijshond is a medium-large sized breed of herding and guard dogs. It is the strongest of all Dutch breeds and is compact and powerful. It has a double coat of short hair, which needs brushing and combing regularly. Its hair is typically grey, with lighter to dark brown patches on the neck and head. The dog has erect ears, a long tail, and horns that are usually small and bent upwards. It is tall, standing between 63 and 75 cm (24 and 30 inches) at the withers and weighing between 40 and 50 kg (88 and 110 lbs).

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Height Range

Male Height Range: 23 – 25 inches

Female Height Range: 21 – 23 inches

Weight Range

Male Weight Range: 45 – 65 lbs

Female Weight Range: 40 – 60 lbs

Drentsche Patrijshond Health

Description of breed health.


12-15 yrs

Drentsche Patrijshond Health Concerns

Hip Dysplasia, Hereditary Stomatocytosis, Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Drentsche Patrijshond Temperament and Behaviour

The Drentse Patrijshond is a well-balanced, independent, regal, and dignified breed of dog. They are extremely smart and brave, and are the only Dutch native spitz-type dog. They are loyal to their family and wary of strangers.

Drentsche Patrijshond Activity Requirements

The Drentsche Patrijshond is a Dutch herding dog that is also known as the Drentse Sheepdog. This mixed-breed dog is smart, confident, and protective, making them excellent guard dogs and loyal companions. This high-energy, intelligent, and sometimes stubborn breed of dog will need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. They are best suited to homes with yards, where they can play and run.

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American Kennel Club

Recognized by the American Kennel Club

Drentsche Patrijshond is part of the Foundation Stock Service group.

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Not Recognized

Drentsche Patrijshond is part of the Unclassified group.

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Australian National Kennel Council

Not Recognized

Drentsche Patrijshond is part of the Unclassified group.

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Canadian Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Drentsche Patrijshond is part of the Unclassified group.

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