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Fourche Terrier History

The Fourche Terrier is an American breed of small terrier, developed in Louisiana. The anthropologist, James Mooney, was an American naturalist and ethnologist, best known for his ethnography of the Choctaw people. The Fourche Foxhound Club of Arkansas currently recognizes two varieties of the Fourche Terrier: the Louisiana fox terrier and the Mississippi fox terrier. The ancestry of the Fourche Terrier is believed to include a blend of Old and New World dogs, with some influence of the now-extinct English Foxhound. The coat of the Fourche is black, tan, and white. The head is round, with erect ears. The body is compact, muscular, and square, with well-formed legs and feet. The tail is straight, and the height at the withers is 23 inches (59 cm) for the males, and 20 inches (51 cm) for the females. The weight for the males is 25 pounds (11 kg), and for the females is 20 pounds (9 kg). The Louisiana Fox Terrier is slightly smaller and heavier than the Mississippi Fox.

Time of Origin


Country of Origin

United States Of America

Fourche Terrier Physical Characteristics

The Fourche Terrier is a medium sized, short-haired, hypoallergenic breed of terrier that was originally bred for hunting. They typically have an active, playful temperament and are typically very friendly with other animals and people. They like to bark.

Eye Colors


Nose Colors


Coat Colors

Black, White, Brown, Gray, Brindle

Height Range

Male Height Range: 9 – 10 inches

Female Height Range: 8 – 10 inches

Weight Range

Male Weight Range: 13 – 15 lbs

Female Weight Range: 12 – 14 lbs

Fourche Terrier Health

Description of breed health.


12-15 yrs

Fourche Terrier Health Concerns

Patellar Luxation, Tracheal Collapse, Portosystemic Shunt, Craniomandibular Osteopathy, Seborrhea, Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca

Fourche Terrier Temperament and Behaviour

The Fourche Terrier is a brave and energetic breed of dog. They are independent, curious, and can be a little stubborn. They are often described as having a clown-like personality. They can be a little noisy at times, but are otherwise quiet and calm. They are generally friendly towards strangers and other pets and enjoy being around children.

Fourche Terrier Activity Requirements

Despite their name, the Fourche Terrier is actually an English breed of terrier. They originated in the 17th century and were bred to hunt vermin. Now they are popular pets. These dogs can be quite stubborn, but they are generally good-natured and affectionate. They do well with children and other pets, and they are playful and energetic. These dogs are best suited to homes with a fenced-in yard where they can play and run. A daily walk will also help keep them healthy. If you are looking for a small, but energetic, dog, the Fourche Terrier may be right for you. These athletic little dogs will be happiest when they are given lots of opportunities to play.

Miles Per Day

6 miles

Activity Per Day

90 minutes

Daily Food

2 cups

Kennel Club Recognition

American Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Fourche Terrier is part of the Unclassified group.

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The Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Fourche Terrier is part of the Unclassified group.

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Australian National Kennel Council

Not Recognized

Fourche Terrier is part of the Unclassified group.

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Canadian Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Fourche Terrier is part of the Unclassified group.

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