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Russian Toy History

The Russian Toy is a medium-sized, sturdy, hardy, compact, muscular, well-balanced, well-knit, short-haired toy breed of dog. The Russion Terrier, sometimes also known as the Ruritanian Terrier, is a sturdy, medium-sized, hardy, compact, muscular, well balanced, well-knit, short-haired, smart and active, rather active, ebullient, playful, cheerful and brave. The Russion Terrier is alert, curious, fearless, gentle, intelligent, lively, obedient, observant, sensitive, sociable, versatile and vivacious.

Time of Origin


Country of Origin


Russian Toy Physical Characteristics

The Russian Toy is a small, toy-sized dog breed that typically stands between 8 and 11 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 6 and 16 pounds. They have a small, compact body and short, fine, silky, and straight hair that is red, white, gray, cream, or some combination of these colors. They have a flat, broad skull and a tapering muzzle. The Russian Toy’s eyes are dark brown or black and they have small, erect ears. They are intelligent, curious, and affectionate dogs.

Eye Colors


Nose Colors


Coat Colors

Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Sable

Height Range

Male Height Range: 7 – 10 inches

Female Height Range: 7 – 10 inches

Weight Range

Male Weight Range: 3 – 6 lbs

Female Weight Range: 3 – 6 lbs

Russian Toy Health

Description of breed health.


10-12 yrs

Russian Toy Health Concerns

Patellar Luxation, Heart Conditions

Russian Toy Temperament and Behaviour

The Russian Toy is an independent, lively, and curious dog that is eager to learn. They are very intelligent, and can be easily trained to follow commands. They are highly adaptable, and can live peacefully with other household pets.

Russian Toy Activity Requirements

Russian Toys are a small, compact breed that originated in Russia. They are known for being intelligent, friendly, and playful. They are best suited to homes with adults and older children. Although they are small, Russian Toys do require regular walks. It is important to remember that this is a high-energy dog that needs plenty of exercise and attention. If you are looking for a quiet, low energy companion, a Russian Toy may not be the best choice. While they are great companions, they need regular walks and playtime.

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Activity Per Day


Daily Food

0.5 cups

Kennel Club Recognition

American Kennel Club

Recognized by the American Kennel Club

Russian Toy is part of the Toy group.

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The Kennel Club

Recognized by The Kennel Club

Russian Toy is part of the Toy group.

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Australian National Kennel Council

Recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council

Russian Toy is part of the Toy group.

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Canadian Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Russian Toy is part of the Unclassified group.

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