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Stabyhoun History

The Stabyhoun is a Dutch herding and sporting breed of dog that derives its name from the word for “herdsman” in Brabantian dialect, stabent. The “Sta” represents the dialect word, and “boon” is the Dutch word for “cow”, and it refers to the way these dogs herded cows. The stabyhoun is small, hardy, and athletic. The stabyhoun is a type of Dutch shepherd that originated in the 18th and 19th centuries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The stabyhoun is a medium size, short coated, and erect-eared working sheepdog. The staby is a tenacious, highly intelligent, and vocal, yet very loyal, and affectionate, working dog. The staby is innately protective of its family. The staby is an almost-extinct Dutch breed of herding and various farm and farmyard. The staby is a faithful companion and an exceptional worker. The staby may be ambling and graceful, but it is an independent-minded and assertive animal. The staby is a one of a kind. The Stabie is a non-sporting, medium-sized, double-coated, dark brown, and tan, high-spirited, and fun-loving, energetic, and alert, very obedient, and sociable, and devoted, and fearless, and agile, and well-proportioned, and

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Stabyhoun Physical Characteristics

The Stabyhoun is a small, medium-to-large-sized, short-coated breed of hunting dogs that originated in Belgium. They were bred to hunt raccoons and other game, but are often used as family pets because of their sweet demeanor. The Stabyhoun has a muscular, sturdy body and resembles both spaniels and hounds. They have large ears, a long tail, and pendant shaped eyes. Their coats are short and either white or orange in color.

Eye Colors


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Coat Colors

Black, Brown, White, Pied

Height Range

Male Height Range: 20 – 22 inches

Female Height Range: 18 – 20 inches

Weight Range

Male Weight Range: 51 – 55 lbs

Female Weight Range: 44 – 48 lbs

Stabyhoun Health

Description of breed health.


13-14 yrs

Stabyhoun Health Concerns

Elbow Dysplasia, Hip Dysplasia, Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), Epilepsy, vonWillebrand’s Disease

Stabyhoun Temperament and Behaviour

The Stabyhoun is a playful and fun-loving breed of dog. They are gentle and mild-mannered and get along well with children and other household pets. This breed is very energetic and needs a lot of exercise, both physical and mental. They are often good at learning new tricks, and can be trained for a variety of activities.

Stabyhoun Activity Requirements

The Stabyhoun is a herding dog that originates from the Netherlands. This ancient, sturdy, and low-maintenance dog is well suited to living in apartments. Since they don’t require a lot of exercise, the Stabyhoun is a good match for people who live in small spaces or don’t particularly enjoy exercising. A daily walk or short play session is usually sufficient. While they aren’t very high-energy, the Stabyhoun should still be socialized and trained from a young age. This will help ensure that they don’t develop behavioral problems.

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