It can be tough to keep your dog off the couch when you’re not home, but there are a few things you can do to help. First, try training your dog with positive reinforcement – give them lots of praise and treats when they stay off the couch. You can also create a physical barrier by using baby gates or placing furniture in front of the couch. And finally, make sure your dog has plenty of toys and bones to chew on so they’re not as tempted to jump on the furniture.

The Case for Keeping Dogs Off the Couch

The case for keeping dogs off the couch is simple: it’s safer and more comfortable for everyone involved. Dogs can be a bit messy, and couches are often delicate pieces of furniture that are not meant to be withstand heavy wear and tear. Plus, if your dog has any accidents on the couch, it will be much more difficult to clean than if they had made the mess on the floor.

Three Ways to Keep Dogs Off the Couch When You’re Not Home

If you’re like most dog parents, you probably want to keep your pup off the couch when you’re not home. Here are three ways to do just that:

1. Get a dog gate and block off access to the couch area. This is especially effective if your dog doesn’t have free roam of the house and is used to staying in one room or area.

2. If possible, put the couch up on blocks so your dog can’t jump on it even if he gets past a gate. You could also try placing double-sided tape or plastic wrap on the cushions as a deterrent (just make sure it’s safe for your particular fabric).

3. Make sure there are plenty of toys and beds around for your dog to lay on – this will help discourage him from jumping on the couch in search of a comfortable place to nap.

The Bottom Line: What’s Best for Your Dog?

The bottom line is that what’s best for your dog is what works best for you and your lifestyle. If you’re able to keep your dog off the couch when you’re not home, great! But if it’s not possible or practical for you, don’t worry about it too much. Your dog will be just as happy snuggling up on the couch with you when you are home.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your dog off the couch when you’re not home, there are a few things you can try. You may need to experiment with different methods to find what works best for your dog and your situation. But, some ideas include using a pet gate or baby gate to block access to the couch, spraying the couch with a pet-safe repellant, or placing double-sided tape on the cushions. With a little patience and perseverance, you can train your dog to stay off the furniture – even when you’re not around!