Teaching your puppy to roll over can be a fun and rewarding activity for both you and your four-legged friend. Not only will it help to strengthen their muscles, but it will also help to build both your bond with them and your trust. It’s also a great way to increase and strengthen their communication skills. That being said, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re approaching this training task in the right way. Doing it correctly will help to ensure that both you and your puppy have fun, and that any frustration is kept to a minimum.

The Basics Of Teaching Your Dog To Roll Over

One of the most important things to remember when training your puppy to roll over is to not get frustrated. The process may take some time, and there may be times when it seems like your puppy is never going to get it. It’s important to be patient and to keep in mind that, just like with humans, some puppies are smarter than others. Be patient, and remember that these exercises are building a strong relationship with your pet.

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to teach your puppy to roll over, you’ll need to make sure they’re in the right mindset. Make sure that you’ve provided them with plenty of stimulation, and that they’ve had an adequate amount of time to play. This will help to keep them interested and attentive while you begin the training session.

How To Get Your Dog Into The Roll Over Position

Now that your pup is in the right mindset, it’s time to get started. Begin by kneeling down in front of your dog and holding a food treat just in front of them. Encourage them to move forward by gently pushing against their shoulders with the palm of your hand. Once they have moved forward, give the treat to them and praise them enthusiastically. Repeat this process several times in a row, and then take a break.

When you think your pup is ready, begin the exercise again, but this time hold your hand flat against their body, rather than pushing it against them. When they try to move forward, place the food treat just in front of them. As before, encourage them to move forward by gently pushing against their shoulders, and once they do, give them the treat and praise them. Continue this process, gradually moving your hand further away from their body, until you’re able to put your hand behind their back.

How To Keep Your Dog Motivated To Roll Over

Now that you’re able to place your hand behind your dog’s back, it’s time to start teaching them how to roll. Start by rolling your hand towards their back in a circular motion. Be sure not to do this too quickly. Instead, try slowly building momentum until you are able to roll their entire body over. At this point, you should immediately give the treat to your pup, and praise them.

Troubleshooting Tips For Teaching Your Dog To Roll Over

If your dog is refusing to go into the rollover position, then it may be because they aren’t being rewarded for it. Continue to reward them every time they go into the rollover position, and eventually they should start to go into it on their own.

If your dog is afraid of going into the rollover position, then you may need to take it slower. Try placing the treat behind them, rather than in front of it. Once they are comfortable, then try moving your hand closer to them, but still keeping it out of their immediate line of sight.

If at any point during the training process, you realize that you’re not having fun, then it may be time to take a step back. It may be a good idea to take a break and try again tomorrow.

The Bottom Line

Most dogs can learn to roll over within a matter of a few weeks. While it may take some patience, it will be well worth the effort once your dog is able to successfully complete the task.