Have you ever lost your pet? It’s terrifying, right? Even if you’re pretty sure that your pet is nearby, there’s still that chance that they could be wandering off or hiding somewhere. Unfortunately, it does happen, and when it does, most people will panic. After all, it’s natural to want your pet back as quickly as possible. However, rushing after your pet will likely only make the situation worse. After all, panicking will only make you and your furry friend more scared. So, what should you do?

Trying to Run After The Dog

The first instinct for most people is to try and go after their pet. After all, it’s natural to want your furry companion to be by your side. The problem is that, once your pet runs off, your natural instinct becomes to run after them. The problem with this is that, as soon as you start running, your dog is going to think you’ve come after them. This means that they’ll be more likely to run off, leaving you even more panicked than you were before.

Chasing The Dog

The next option that most people try is to chase after their pet. After all, how hard can it be? All you have to do it run around in circles! Unfortunately, chasing after a pet who’s not paying attention is a nightmare. This is because, without any kind of direction or purpose, your pursuit will probably only serve to make you more confused and frustrated. This, in turn, will make your pet more scared.

Jogging After The Dog

While many people assume that jogging after their dog is a better option than running, it actually isn’t. In fact, if you jog after your dog, then there’s a good chance that your excitement will cause them to become even more frightened. This is because, when you’re jogging, your entire body is moving at a much faster pace than normal. This can cause your dog to feel as though you are chasing them.

Sprinting After The Dog

The final option that people often consider is sprinting after their pet. While, in theory, this may seem like the best option, it’s actually the worst. This is because, when you sprint, your entire body is moving at an insane speed. This can cause your pet to be terrified and confused. So, what should you do?