Have you ever been curious as to why your dog loves to play with squeaky toys? Then you’re certainly not alone. While it may seem strange to us, many dogs are obsessed with playing with squeakers. What makes the squeaky sound so attractive to them? The scientific reason behind this obsession may surprise you! Read on to learn more!

The Scientific Reason Behind Why Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

The science behind why our canine companions like to play with a squeaking toy is a little more complicated than you may think. While some may assume that they just like the sound of a squeaking toy, this isn’t the case. Rather, it’s their instinctive nature that compels them to do so. When a dog plays with a squeaker, they are acting the way that their ancestors did millions of years ago.

A Dog’s Natural Predatory Instinct

One of the reasons why dogs love to play with squeaky toys is because it can be used to distract their prey. As prey animals, they were naturally inclined to use their instincts to hunt. Today, most domesticated dogs are simply chasing the squeaker, but at one time, they would have used their hunting instincts to catch their prey.

How Dogs Use Squeaky Toys To Relieve Boredom Or Anxiety

In addition, many pets find playing with a squeaky toy to be a fun and relaxing way to relieve stress and anxiety. When your dog is anxious or feeling bored, the squeaker can provide some much-needed entertainment. This can help them to relieve stress, and it can also give them a chance to burn off some excess energy.

The Benefits Of Squeaky Toys For Dogs

While it’s true that some of the benefits that come with owning a dog, such as companionship and loyalty, can never be replaced, a squeaky toy can actually be beneficial to your pet’s health. Studies have shown that playing with squeaking toys can help to improve both mental and physical health in dogs.

How To Choose The Right Squeaky Toy For Your Dog

When it comes to choosing the right type of squeaky toy, it’s important that you consider your dog’s size and temperament. Smaller, more docile dogs are more likely to enjoy smaller, softer, and quieter types of toys. Larger or more aggressive dog breeds, on the other hand, will likely prefer a harder, louder, and firmer type of toy.

Bottom Line

While it may seem strange to us, the truth is that our canine companions weren’t always content playing with standard tennis balls. In fact, they would much rather have a squeaky, plastic toy. So the next time you see your pup furiously chewing on a squeaker, just smile. It’s their ancestral nature at play!