Why do some dogs just love rolling in the grass? It’s a question that many of us have asked ourselves at one time or another. While some dog owners enjoy letting their dogs roll on the grass in the warmer months, some don’t. After all, it’s hard work and can get pretty messy. But why do they do it? As it turns out, it isn’t just random behavior. It’s actually an important part of their evolution.

Rolling In The Grass

Humans and other animals can sense smells in the air, and we use that to help us detect danger. Some animals, including dogs and horses, have specialized glands in their skin that release a pheromone that helps us to identify each other. This is called their scent. When an animal rolls in a smelly substance, it spreads its scent and makes it easier for other members of the pack to detect them.

Smelly Substances

When dogs are rolling in the grass, they are spreading their scent. But not just any smell will do. The smell of the grass releases a pheromone that helps them to find other members of their pack. But it doesn’t stop there. Some animals, such as skunks and foxes, are predators. They will mark their territory with scents that give them a warning to other animals to stay away. Since many dogs are prey, they also mark their territory with a scent that warns predators to keep their distance.

Cooling Off

While the smell of the grass will help other dogs to identify the members of their own pack, there is another purpose for rolling in it. Rolling in the grass also helps keep a dog cool. During the summer months, it may get pretty hot outside. When a dog is rolling in the grass, it lets its body absorb the cool air from the ground and releases heat into the air.

Bottom Line

Animals that live outdoors have some pretty serious survival instincts. While it might seem silly to most of us, it’s actually a critical part of their day-to-day lives. If you want to teach your dog to stay away from your front lawn, then you may want to introduce a deterrent, such as an electronic pet fence. Otherwise, you may just have to accept that your dog might be a little smelly sometimes.