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Australian Eskimo History

The Australian Eskimo is a toy-sized, short-hair, spitz-type of terrier. It is closely related to the American Eskimo Dog, the Alaskan Malamute and the Samoyed. The first records of the Australian Terrier date back to 1890 when, at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, a litter of nine puppies was exhibited. However, it was not until the 1930s that breeding was realized. The first recorded standard for the breed was written in 1945. When first imported to the United States, the coat was described as being “white with brown spots”. It has been speculated that the “Eskimo” in their name was an attempt to link them to the North American Inuit.

Time of Origin


Country of Origin

United States Of America

Australian Eskimo Physical Characteristics

The Australian Eskimo is a small, short-legged breed of domestic sheepdog. The breed has been bred for sled pulling and herding and for companionship. They are known for their extremely wrinkled faces and for their unique double coats. They have thick, plumed tails and erect ears. The adult Australian Eskimo stands between 13 and 14 inches at the withers, and the adult weight is between 20 and 30 pounds.

Eye Colors


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Coat Colors


Height Range

Male Height Range: 19 – 23 inches

Female Height Range: 19 – 23 inches

Weight Range

Male Weight Range: 35 – 60 lbs

Female Weight Range: 35 – 52 lbs

Australian Eskimo Health

Description of breed health.


12-15 yrs

Australian Eskimo Health Concerns

Patellar Luxation, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Addison’s Disease, Dental Disease

Australian Eskimo Temperament and Behaviour

The Australian Eskimo Dog is a loyal and affectionate breed that is great with children and other animals. They are energetic and playful, but can also be calm and relaxed when they need to be. They are intelligent and quick to learn new things, which makes them great candidates for obedience training. They are also very alert and watchful, which makes them good guard dogs.

Australian Eskimo Activity Requirements

Australian Eskimo dogs are a medium-size, outgoing and fun-loving Breed. They like to play and have fun, but they aren’t overly energetic. This breed is well suited to apartment life. While they do enjoy regular walks, they don’t need a ton of exercise and are happy with short play sessions. A fenced yard or dog park can be a good way to entertain your Australian Eskimo. An Australian Eskimo can be a good choice for families who enjoy an active lifestyle. They are happy to spend time outside, but they are not a high-energy dog. They make a good walking or jogging partner and don’t mind a romp around the yard. If you plan to adopt an Australian Eskimo, be sure you are prepared to cater to their more moderate exercise needs. While they can enjoy long walks, they do not require them. A short, brisk jaunt around the block should be enough to keep an Australian Eskimo healthy and happy.

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Kennel Club Recognition

American Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Australian Eskimo is part of the Unclassified group.

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The Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Australian Eskimo is part of the Unclassified group.

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Australian National Kennel Council

Not Recognized

Australian Eskimo is part of the Unclassified group.

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Canadian Kennel Club

Not Recognized

Australian Eskimo is part of the Unclassified group.

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